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Pest Control in Toronto, Removal and Extermination
Get Rid of Bed Bugs and other Pests in Toronto

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Best Pest Control Toronto

We offer same day service for most jobs. Call now to book an appointment before its too late for all kind of pest extermination in Toronto, removal and treatment

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Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee HMG Pest Control Toronto

We offer a money back guarantee on all our services.We value your money. Ask one of our technicians in person or on the phone about how it works.

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Free Estimates

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We offer everyone free estimates before we start your job or project. We believe that all pricing should be transparent. Call now at our number for a free estimate.

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Bed Bugs-Whose Problem Is It Anyway?

Is it your problem? Is it my problem? To be honest, it is everyone's problem. Whether you are a business owner, a landlord of a single- or multi-unit facility, or a homeowner, bed bugs infestation is one of the most ...

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Raccoons-Cuddle Them? Or Get Rid Of Them?

Raccoons; such devastating creatures, may look cute, disgusting, extremely adaptable but are highly aggressive and so many in number, especially in Canada, that Toronto is now known as Raccoon Capital of the world.

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Eco Friendly Pest Control in Toronto

Eco friendly pest removal Toronto

We care for you and the enviornment surrounding you. HMG Pest Control uses eco-friendly pesticides

We make sure that our professionals use eco-friendly pesticides so that it has minimum impact on environment. Pesticides used dont leave any smell so you dont have to leave your house.

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Bed Bug Treatment

AS an owner of a three unit/apt house I was very impressed with Hamid. He is very professional, knowledgable and helpful. He is confident of the efficacy of his pest control services----that six months warranty that his company provides has provided me with peace of mind. Good person---good company.

Private User


Bed Bug Removal

Hamid from HMG was extremely professional. We had scheduled a treatment, but his system did not register it, even on such short notice on the day of the treatment he still made it to appointment and provided a full treatment of the suspected areas. His treatment was super effective and our bed bug problem disappeared instantly, and he even came back for a follow up treatment free off charge a few weeks later. I highly recommend Hamid Read more...



Bed Bugs

Hammid was great really nice guy kept me calm through out just finish the final look over and all seems to gone hopefully for good. Probably the most stressful experience I have had yet but Hammid took care of everything and was available for me at any time I needed amazing guy and company!



Cockroach Removal/Extermination

This is not a business category that I have a lot of confidence in quality service (just like duct cleaning or auto mechanics). But I was actually surprised. After researching about 6 different local companies, I narrowed it down to 2. I chose this one because (a) it had a 6 Month guarantee, (b) the manager himself answered my plethora of questions (I was so unaware of the process), and (c) the environmentally-friendly powder Read more...

Scott Gordon


Pest Control Toronto

HMG Pest Control is a pest extermination company operating in Toronto. We deal with all kinds of pests, wildlife and insect control. Visit our Pest Gallery to see all the pests and animals included in our service.

If you are looking to protect your family investment or wish to make your home a safer place by having the most effective natural pest control in Toronto, then HMG Pest Control is always there for you. HMG Pest Control has operator business license from ministry of enviroment making it eco-friendly and safe for your family.

Our technicians are professionally trained and licensed from government. They are 24/7 available at your service. Reach us by describing your pest issue or by calling us. We will give you free estimate and best advice for your pest problem.

Why HMG Pest Control

Best Pest control, animal control, bird removal in Toronto.

100% Satisfaction money back gaurantee.

Environmentally friendly products.

Low price with high quality.

Qualified and licensed technicians available.

Free advice and qoute

24/7 Pest control, extermination and removal services in Toronto.

More than 15 pests and animals being treated.

Best Pest Exterminator in Toronto

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