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What's scary;Zombie Apocalypse or Fly Invasion

HMG Pest Control fly killer

If you have to choose between zombies, flies, both or none of them, of course everyone would go for the last option i.e. none of the above mentioned disasters. When we speak of a zombie apocalypse, like in Hollywood movies, there is almost always a way out of it. But do you think any Hollywood movie gives you advice regarding flies apocalypse? Of course not! And there is almost always a chance to get seriously affected by this infestation. Yes, house flies are common pests, so stop living in the zombie fantasy and worry about the flies that are going to attack your house anytime.

A house fly is a common cosmopolitan pest known to us. Like all other pests flies are also more interested in interacting with humans and their activities. Mostly found in houses and farms, their excessive population is not only irritant but also cause of illness. That's one pest that I too came face to face in a farm I visited some years ago, where the little creatures made me sick to death, so a personal advice of mine is, get rid of it as soon as possible. Time is running out!

A fly's life cycle starts from egg to pupa to larva and ends at being an adult which lasts from 25 days to 2 months. This tiny insect is not only annoying but also has the potential to transmit pathogens like virus, bacteria and fungi. It is difficult to control a cluster of flies in houses and is better to have assistance in this matter.

In winter season, if you see flies flying around your house there is a 98% chance that you have a crack in your window or a crevice in walls which led to the entrance of flies. And not to scare you or anything but almost thousands of deaths are contributed to house flies each year. Typhoid, diphtheria, cholera, tuberculosis and God knows what other diseases are carried by a single fly on its feet.

Some of the ways to prevent fly infestation are:

Best thing to do in order to keep your house safe from fly invasion is to contact professional pest control company such as HMG Pest Control. Contact HMG Pest Control today and get new customer discount moreover get a free estimate too.

Posted on October 19, 2017

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