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    Pest Control

    Wasp Extermination – Quick & Effective!

    Hornets, bees, wasps-a common concern for homeowners across Canada. These are aggressive pests that can cause harm unprovoked and it is never a good idea to let a nest grow on your property. The moment you spot a possible wasp-nest it is time to give us a call. At HMG we take precautionary measures to ensure the safe removal of wasp, bee, and hornet nests from your location. We are well aware of the deathly-allergic reactions these tiny stingers are capable of instigating.  As such all our treatment and removal methods are safe and highly effective. It is extremely dangerous to try and handle a wasp nest on your own the results can be life-threatening. At HMG pest the solution is affordable, safe, and swift.

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    Bedbug Removal Toronto

    Recent studies have recorded an alarming increase in bed-bug infestations in Toronto and neighboring locations. The ability of the bed bug population to double within 16 days makes it the most rapidly expanding infestation. In nature, bedbugs are hitchhikers who move freely from one host to another and then build colonies that are well-hidden with ample access to food.

    HMG pest offers you control over this situation with targeted treatments that employ the use of heat to exterminate the Bedbugs population on-site. If you so much as suspect the presence of a bedbug give us a call right away!

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    Cockroach Removal Guaranteed!

    Only four of the 4600 species of roaches infest in homes and commercial infrastructure in Canada. Among these, the most common sightings are of the German roach and the American cockroach. These are disease-carrying, colony building, and food destroying insects that have to be exterminated using the correct solutions. At HMG pest we have long-term solutions to these hitchhikers and their reinfestation habits. Riding your property of these pests is just part of the job for us, we add pest-proofing protocols to this service which entail a three- or six-monthly inspection and treatment. These treatments are scheduled based on your location and local weather conditions.

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