Bed Bugs-Whose Problem Is It Anyway?

Is it your problem? Is it my problem? To be honest, it is everyone’s problem. Whether you are a business owner, a landlord of a single- or multi-unit facility, or a homeowner bed bugs infestation is one of the most feared problems for any of us. Not only bed bugs are difficult to remove from a property but also can be a health hazard in some cases. Bed bug bites can be very dangerous.

Considering it is a problem that none of us wants. Ideally, we should be working together to implement strategies that effectively remove bed bug problem from its roots. However, doing that is nearly impossible because bed bugs travel so quickly and discreetly that they are widespread even before we become aware of their existence. Reaching out to bed bug exterminator is important in order to get rid of bed bugs. The quickest and most cost-effective solution to bed bug problem is simple-prevention. A quick visit to the Government of Canada suggests some basic tips that we should all be aware of to avoid this problem from occurring:

  • Seal gaps and cracks in furniture, walls, and doors.
  • Keep the property clean and clutter-free including nooks and crannies (which are some of the best spots for any pests).
  • Repair any openings in walls and other entry points between your property with any adjoining property such as neighbours and attached business properties.
  • Check all items of clothing, mattresses, cushions and other upholstered items that enter your home-be that a newly-purchased item or second-hand item. Be especially careful of items acquired from garage sales and second-hand items provided by stores and other services-these are some of the very likely places for bed bugs to inhabit
  • Regularly do a deep-clean of your property by vacuuming mattresses, upholstered furniture, and wiping down furniture
  • When travelling, take minimal clothing items and bed linens. Make sure to check all personal items, clothing and luggage when you return home as these are some of the best ways to bring bedbugs to your property.
  • If you see any sign of bed bugs, bed bug droppings, or their eggs, do an even wider check to find sites of infestation. Follow this by a contacting professional help and pest control services such as HMG Pest Control Inc.!

Along with these precautions you can take, there is a new piece of this puzzle for many Toronto residents. Starting July 1, a new bylaw comes into effect which requires rental apartment buildings with three or more storeys and 10 or more units to be inspected by a bylaw enforcement officer. If the officer finds a problem, the landlord will have to eradicate the problem and have it inspected again to comply with the bylaw and avoid a hefty fine. This may seem like good news for renters and another responsibility for landlords. However, with Toronto’s rental market already in a supply shortage, this bylaw will increase the lineups and lengthen the process of finding a rental property. Regardless, it will be a long time before the city sees a change in this bed bug nuisance.

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