How To Check For Bed Bugs In A Hotel Room During Your Summer Vacation?

Are you on a summer vacation trip that you were planning for a long period? Well, if so then keep a check on those pesky little creatures known as bed bugs because they are notorious for ruining any trip and making you sleepless. In this blog, we will know about these bed bugs and how to check for bed bugs in a hotel room during your summer vacation.

Why You Should Check For Bed Bugs?

Imagine having a long tiring day on a really sunny beach surfing and coming back to your hotel room. Now you’re thinking to sleep and get on the bed. You feel something itchy on your body, strange and small. This can be a pesky little bed bug trying to bite you and suck out your blood.

However, most of the time people don’t even notice them on the first night and only see them when they wake up with itchy bodies or red spots.

What They Can Do To You?

This little creature not only leaves itchy spots on your body but is also famous for giving you skin infections. Although it doesn’t transmit any disease, skin infection is enough to turn a great trip into a bad one.

You would never want that itchy skin infection to disturb your trip in any way.

How To Identify Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are in an oval shape with a small body. This small creature lives on human or animal blood. The grown bed bugs have the size of an apple seed and when they feed on your blood, they become more swollen. Also, this creature does not fly and moves really fast on walls and floors. It slowly crawls through your bed sheet without making any noise and this is why most people fail to notice them.

Here Is How They Look

  1. They have an oval shape
  2. They are tiny as the seed of an apple
  3. They do not fly but move fastly

The most irritating thing about them is when they bite you, it becomes harder for you to sleep. It might be a problem if you are not a heavy sleeper as their itch is disturbing.

Where Does This Creature Hide?

Bed bugs are notorious for making their living space into cozy and warm things. For instance, they make their way into your carpets, luggage, clothing, couches, and other items.

These can be living there for years and you would not even notice them because they only come out when you are sleeping and give you little kisses.

Their hiding place could be the side of your pillow where they just wait every day for you to lay down so that they can start doing their job.

Checking Bed Bugs In A Hotel Room During Summer Vacation.

Now that you know most about this pesky creature, it would be easier for you to check bed bugs in a hotel room during summer vacations. To ensure that you get to enjoy your vacation to your fullest, make sure to follow these steps whenever you step into a new hotel room.

  1. Be sure to inspect mattresses and curtains thoroughly and look for any black stains or other things. Why? Because this pesky creature leaves those spots where they lay eggs or something else which I do not want to mention.
  2. Keep your belongings in the washroom while checking because it would be the last place for any bed bug to be. They are allergic to water because they do not know how to swim and they drown.
  3. Make sure you bring a flashlight or use your mobile phone light to see darker areas and thoroughly inspect them.

There you have it, you will either find their existence or their eggs with these simple steps. If you find them, do make sure to tell the hotel staff immediately and change your room. Repeat the same process in the other room too, or ask the staff to check it for you because they get paid for it or contact pest control service in Toronto.

What Are The Other Reasons To Be Careful About Them?

Other than making your trip worse, they can also sneak into your luggage without you knowing about them. As a result, you will be taking home little guests that are sure to make your home unpleasant. So, you must be extra cautious about them.

Final Thoughts

Check for Bed Bugs in a Hotel Room During Your Summer Vacation because it is the first thing you should do for your personal hygiene and enjoying your trip.

Fortunately, it wouldn’t take more time, you only need 5 to 10 minutes for the inspection and you’ll be good to go.

Remember, hotel owners might claim that they do not have any bed bugs, but you are more likely to find them in most hotels.




Do bed bugs transmit any disease to you?

No, they just cause skin infection that is not that harmful, but they cause itchiness and red spots.

Can you the bed bugs with the naked eye?

Yes you can, adult bed bugs have the size of an apple seed, making them easy to spot with the naked eye

How to kill bed bugs immediately?

Use steam as it will immediately kill them. You can apply this steam slowly on your mattress or other coverings where you can visibly see them and they will start dying in front of you.

Can bed bugs live in your head?

It is a wrong but popular belief that bed bugs might be living in your hair when you have an itchy head. However, this is an entirely wrong perception because this creature tends to live in unmovable corners where they can hide and feed themselves. This can be behind your bed or cracks inside the wall. Wherever you find dark spots near you, know that this creature might be living there.

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