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Cockroach infestation is a widespread problem that affects people around that globe-especially people living in close quarters in possibly unclean conditions. For us Toronto residents, these close quarters equivalate apartment buildings and other multi-unit residential areas; therefore, making us very prone to facing a roach invasion at one time of our residential history or another-or you may be already facing one if you are reading this blog!

Some of the main attractions for cockroaches include:

  • Close association with areas of human population
  • Existing colony of roaches
  • Cracks and crevices in floors, walls, doors, and furniture, as well as cupboards, electronic devices, pipes and sewers
  • Open food particles with a preference for sugary and starchy food items
  • Possibly also eating cardboard, shoes, human feces, skin, and nails (detached or attached to live human body), as well as other dead cockroaches-and in difficult times, baby roaches

The biggest assumption many people have is that cockroaches are never found in squeaky clean households. If there are openings to your property from outside including gaps in door frames, walls, sewer pipes, and windows cockroaches can make their own way instead of a house. Let’s not forget that these pests can live a week without water and a month without food.

Cockroach control can be very challenging, it is advised to contact best pest control company such as HMG Pest Control to deal with cockroach problem.

Like household flies, cockroaches are also a factor in the spread of some diseases such as diarrhoea, cholera, and other viral diseases. Recent findings have also discovered that about half of metropolitan and inner-city residents that have asthma and allergies are also allergic to cockroaches and dust mites. Once again, the biggest reason that the problem cannot be eradicated is that metropolitan areas consist of close living quarters and businesses-the ideal environment for roaches to reside in as well.

A big point to be noted here is that even if you are successful in removing an infestation once, a reinfestation is very likely. Moreover, cockroaches love humid environments and heating ducts in winter months, which is exactly the description of Toronto’s environment. However, there are some precautions we can all take to prevent our properties from becoming permanent housing colonies of cockroaches. These include:

  • Keeping all food stored in covered containers and stored inside cabinets and refrigerators
  • Keep kitchen counter spaces clean and free of food debris and organic food matter at all times
  • Remove trash from house, especially from kitchen and washrooms daily. As well, keep the area of trash can storage clean
  • Keep basements dry and regularly check for moist areas
  • Check laundry, furniture, and upholstered items before bringing them into your property (or the building itself)
  • Remove any gaps between adjoining properties which are common pathways for roaches to travel through to infest multiple properties

If you get stuck with the unfortunate pest problem of cockroaches, you can try to use insecticides. Regrettably, most of these low-cost options are unsuccessful in getting rid of these roaches or only provide temporary relief. Best thing to do is to call cockroach exterminator such as HMG Pest Control. HMG Pest Control has trained technicians which can effectively get rid of cockroaches from your property and provide services that offer permanent riddance from these pesky little critters.

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