Signs of Pest Infestation in Homes

Home maintenance is a difficult to execute and costly job, especially when the house is infested with pests. Calling professionals is also not always an easily available option. Keeping this in mind, this blog will provide you with signs that pests are invading your house and some basic trapping tricks so that you do not always have to choose a more costly option.

Just like horror movies, keep your eyes and ears open. Notice even a smallest disturbance or unusual things happening around you, for example droppings on floors, unusual smell, low sounds of crawling etc.

Following are some pests and signs of their infestation:

  1. Mice: Droppings, grease marks on walls caused due to brushing of their bodies against walls, urine pillars, ammonia like smell, scratching noises, and shredded materials or gnaw mark. These mentioned symptoms are a surety that you are invaded by mice. Bad news huh!
  2. Cockroaches: These creatures are merely afraid of humans, so you can find them running about your house freely and boldly. You can find them having a picnic at night on the kitchen floors in the middle of the night, their saliva, feces, and shed body parts are also minute signs.
  3. Fleas: Fleas are small in size so it is often difficult to track them. Flea infestation is usually visible where pets are present. They attack dogs and cats and when you find them scratching badly, voile, you are being attacked by an army or fleas. Infections, red skin, loss of hair and flea dirt are main symptoms.
  4. Centipede: Centipedes do not nest inside homes, they usually come from outside. Adult centipedes hide moist, dark and secluded areas in winter season. They are nocturnal and fast moving animals. Don’t worry! It usually bites to defend itself only.

Small, big, furious or friendly, all types of pests are troublesome. Sometimes you live in an area where professionals are not available on spot, so following are some basic trapping tricks for your convenience:

  1. There are a number of ready-made traps available in the market. A typical mouse trap is always an option. Nowadays, plastic snap tracks and electrical traps are also available which are easy to handle and efficient.
  2. To trap a cockroach, you need to be an artist for a day. Duct tape as a cockroach trap is the easiest and effortless of all. All you need is a bait to attract the cockroach towards the duct tape, it sticks to it and thus you are free.
  3. It is difficult to attract fleas and trap them. A typical way used to trap them is dish washing soap in water. Put a plate of water with dish washing liquid in it on the floor where fleas usually pay visit to. Put a candle in the plate or put the plate under a lamp to create a warm environment which attracts fleas mostly. Because of the soap, fleas will drown in water. It is not very efficient unless you have strong bait but it works anyway.

These were a few pests, their hiding places and conventional traps. So find them in your house before they find you and harm you or your family in any way. Best of luck and always be careful if you try trapping tricks by yourself because it can often be tough.

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