What Are Bed Bugs? – Signs And DIY Treatments

What Are Bed Bugs? – Signs And DIY Treatments

Ever woke up to an itchy or unhappy body, there might be many reasons for it including your health factors, but it might be bed bugs doing this. You may not notice them because they are sneaky and make their way to your bed without you knowing it.

What Are Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are little, brown insects that are round or oval in structure. They usually have a really small size which is why they are hardly noticed. A fully grown bed bug may have the size of an apple seed. The worse part is, they grow larger as they feed on you.

Luckily, they do not fly and do not transmit diseases, but they can easily make their way to your bed using their sneaky little legs. They lay eggs in the most sacred places of your home and you may or may not even notice them.

Where To Locate Them?

Having the ability to sneak in from small places makes this creature highly accessible to any place. They have a flat body which makes it easier for them to enter your home and make their way to your bed. They can even pass from a tiny space with the width of a credit card.

Bed bugs enter your home without any luggage, but they make your luggage their luggage.

Their preferred hiding spots

  • Cushions
  • Box springs
  • Bed edges
  • Bedheads

The reason they prefer these places is they get easy access to bite people at night.

As time passes, they move to other places as they grow larger in size and numbers. All of that makes it difficult for you to get rid of them and you need to call experts for pest control. It can cost you a lot of money.

Did you know?

Bed bugs only live on blood which makes them the cleanest pests. So, if you think your house is clean, think again.

Signs Of Bed Bugs

One of the major signs is you wake up daily with itchy and swollen areas on your body. Other than that, there might be some unpleasant odor in your house even after you have cleaned it.

Here are a few signs of bed bugs

  1. blood on your bed
  2. Eggshells, their shed skins, or bed bug fecal spots.
  3. Excretion of bed bugs on walls and other areas.
  4. Bad odor.

If you suspect something wrong, please make sure to check everything carefully for being prepared to take precautionary measures. Also, do check your bed and the area around it. Plus, check your bookshelves, telephones, and every household item and you will definitely spot them.

Also, make sure to crisscross the following places.

  1. Remove the beddings and check beneath.
  2. Check your dust cover by opening the bottom of the box springs.
  3. Check seams in the wood frame.

Once you spot them, make sure to not be late in eliminating them as soon as you can.

What Is Their Treatment?

Getting rid of a small infestation is easy, but larger infestations require more care.

To complete this task, make sure to start checking from the places these bedbugs live and eliminate them from there. Afterward, move towards the other places and clean them as well to stop them from coming back.

Here are some steps to help you with the treatment of bed bugs.

Step 01: Wash Affected Things with Warm Water

Remove your bed covers, linens, clothing, and curtains in hot water for about 30 minutes and dry them. Make sure to clean again if there is more cleaning needed. Also, place the shoes, stuffed animals, and other items that cannot be washed in the dryer for 30 minutes.

Step 02: Use A Tough Brush Clean Mattress

Your bed mattress is the place where they love to hide or lay eggs. Make sure to use a stiff brush and scrub it hard until you remove the seams and the eggs of bed bugs.

Step 03: Vacuum Your Bed

Use a high-pressure vacuum for this job because their eggs do not easily get off. However, make sure that it doesn’t put a lot of pressure on your bed and make it worse. After doing it, put the waste in the plastic bag and then in a trash bag which is away from your house.

Step 04: Leave No Tiny Spaces

Fill the cracks in your walls using plaster or glue. You can also use wallpaper for that purpose.

Final Notes

Bed bug extermination is easy if you keep your house cleaner and look for their sign as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will need to call experts to get rid of them, but it is also not a wrong choice as they will help you get rid of them in lesser time.

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