Silverfish in house?

Silverfish Extermination

What are silverfish?

A silverfish (Lepisma saccharina) is a small, wingless insect in the order Zygentoma (formerly Thysanura). Its common name derives from the animal’s silvery light grey color, combined with the fish-like appearance of its movements, while the scientific name (L. saccharina) indicates the silverfish’s diet consists of carbohydrates such as sugar or starches.

Silverfish are nocturnal insects typically 13-25 mm (0.5-1.0 in) long. Their abdomens taper at the end, giving them a fish-like appearance. The newly hatched are whitish, but develop a greyish hue and metallic shine as they get older.

They have two long cerci and one terminal filament at the tips of their abdomens; the filament projects directly off of the end of their body, between the left and right cerci. They also have two small compound eyes, despite other members of Zygentoma being completely eyeless, such as the family Nicoletiidae.

Silverfish consume matter that contains polysaccharides, such as starches and dextrin in adhesives. These include book bindings, carpet, clothing, coffee, dandruff, glue, hair, some paints, paper, photos, plaster, and sugar. They will damage wallpaper in order to consume the paste.

HMG Pest Control Silverfish Extermination

Silverfish are considered as household pests due to their damage to household materials. However, they don’t transmit disease. It is essential to get rid of these creepy insects so that they can’t damage your house in anyway.

We are the best exterminator for silverfish. However, we also offer several additional pest control services. With experience and expertise, our technicians know where to look and what to look for.

Our technicians use the appropriate treatment method, whether spray, bait, or gel. If you suspect a mild problem or an infestation in your home or business, please call HMG Pest Control Services Canada Inc. today at 416-556-8363 for professional silverfish extermination service.

Highly effective and organic pesticides are used by trained technicians Customer satisfaction is our main priority. If you don’t like our work, you will get your money back according to our money back guarantee.

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